Product Categories has more than 200 different LED outdoor light housings to choose from, such as LED street lamp skd, led flood light housing, led high bay light housing, etc.

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  • LED Street Light Housing
    LED Street Light Housing

    Nowadays, with the continuous development of LED lighting technology, LED Street Lights are changing the way to illuminate our street, roadway, parking lot and other public areas. Comparing with traditional types of lighting housing, LED Street Lights perform extremely well to emit high lumen and lower power consumption, which can save much money significantly and improve efficiency for illumination of public traffic. For LED street lighting system, in addition to the performances at luminous flux and power consumption, durability & thermal conduction is also crucial, FSSZ Lighting has its own die casting process for LED street light housing design with years of experience, so all our designs for LED street light housing are improved with thousands of times to test, that’s very important to release the heat rapidly from the LED chips inside, that can  reduce the light failure largely and last the longevity.

  • LED Flood Light Housing
    LED Flood Light Housing

    LED Flood Lights are designed to deliver bright and wide beam with efficiency and safety for outdoor illuminating application, whether you’re looking for LED fixtures for landscape lighting and wall washing, or for tree lighting, advertising & sign board. LED Flood Lights are not only positioned as up light, but also as down light, and its light can be spread across wide space uniformly. In addition to outdoor lighting, such LED fixtures can be applied indoors for some public and commercial area with large space, such as large warehouse, retailing store, shopping mall, grand hall, stadium and so on. LED Flood Light shells from FSSZ Lighting are supplied in a variety of styles and watts to meet different scenes and applications, so you must buy one for your proper applications.

  • LED High Bay Light Housing
    LED High Bay Light Housing

    High bay lights are typically used in areas over 40 feet in height, which makes this setup perfect for any large area, like a stadium or airport. Because they provide so much illumination, you don’t have to purchase as many lamps to bright the large areas . We know that electrical solutions can be expensive, which is why we offer all of these lamps at affordable prices. We want to ensure that you can illuminate your space without breaking the bank. So we stock a huge selection of quality lamps in a variety of strengths and intensities, so you can find something that illuminates your setting perfectly. To choose the industrial LED lighting. you’ll need depends in large part on the type of space you’re attempting to furnish. For this reason, we carry a few dozen types and sizes of high bay light fixtures. From domed varieties to long lamp banks, we offer a large selection of styles and powers. Purchase many of the same type or mix and match them for a more versatile solution. No matter what you choose, we guarantee that we will offer led high bay light housing that can fill your needs and make your space feel crisp.

  • Solar Light
    Solar Light

    Solar energy is an inexhaustible, clean, pollution-free and renewable green energy. Photo-voltaic energy is considered to be the most important new energy in the 21st century due to its incomparable advantages such as cleanness, high security, relatively extensive and sufficient energy, long life and maintenance free. The solar street lamp does not need to lay cables, does not need AC power supply, does not generate electricity charges; uses DC power supply, control; has good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, simple installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy conservation and environmental protection, economic and practical advantages. It can be widely used in urban main and secondary trunk roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

  • LED Tunnel Light Housing
    LED Tunnel Light Housing

    As we all know, in the dark environment of tunnels, we must have better lighting conditions to ensure that drivers can clearly judge the following distance and reduce the possibility of accidents. Therefore, the installation of LED tunnel lights has become the first target of highway construction in China. The choice of LED tunnel light must be based on the use of this device and market awareness to understand, only through the domestic well-known lighting engineering service providers can in this device selection, with better technical strength to bring better quality assurance for their own application. FSSZ lighting has been providing LED tunnel lamp shell supply service and technical support for many domestic and foreign well-known lighting engineering service providers, which has been recognized and supported by many industries.

  • LED Underwater Light Housing
    LED Underwater Light Housing

    Led underwater lamp is a kind of underwater lamp produced by LED technology. Compared with traditional underwater lamp, led underwater lamp is more energy-saving and environment-friendly, and the light is changeable and more decorative. It has been widely used in various landscape lighting systems. Shunzhan lighting provides excellent product quality support for LED underwater lamp project. All our LED underwater lamp shells are made of stainless steel 304, brass or zinc alloy. The waterproof grade is above IP68. The super waterproof provides a good sealing environment and lamp safety for the underwater lamp project.

  • LED Underground Light Housing
    LED Underground Light Housing

    Underground lamp is a kind of landscape lamp, which is widely used for outdoor lighting in square, outdoor park, leisure place, park greening, lawn, square, courtyard, flower bed, pedestrian street decoration, waterfall, fountain and other places for night lighting, adding luster to life. The buried lamp shell of SHUNZHAN Lighting is made of die-casting aluminum and stainless steel material. It is durable, waterproof and heat dissipation. The cover is made of 304# investment casting stainless steel, anti-corrosion and anti-aging. The silicone seal ring has excellent waterproof performance, high temperature resistance and anti-aging. High strength tempered glass, strong transmittance, wide radiation and strong bearing capacity. All solid screws are stainless Steel 304, protection grade up to IP67. Optional plastic embedded parts for easy installation and maintenance.

  • OEM/ODM Led Finished Light
    OEM/ODM Led Finished Light

    In order to make our customers can test the samples more convenient,we  provide the OEM&ODM service of finished light ,like LED street lamp,LED flood lamp,LED high bay and etc.Welcome to tell us what you need.

Hot products supplies a variety of led outdoor light housing/SKD/fixture, has been sold to more than 100 countries.

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Foshan Nanhai Shunzhan Mould Lighting Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of LED lamp shells with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in LED and other industries. Office-&-Reception We started designing and producing the moulds in 2003,and established Foshan shunzhan mould lighting metal products co.,ltd in 2009.The main products include LED Street Light Housing,LED Flood Light Housing,LED High Bay Light Housing,LED Underwater Light Housing, .... Our company has been adhering to the corporate spirit of "integrity, rigor, innovation and forge ahead".,develop and design LED products that approved by customers and different markets continuously. At the same time, Our factory and team are constantly expanding, and the factory area reaches 4,500 square meters. We have set up excellent R&D department, sales department, after sales department and other professional departments. Our total number of employees is 10 times larger than before. In addition, our products have obtained more than 32 appearance patents, practical and new type patents, and invention patents. We also obtained ISO9001 quality management system certificate, TUV certificate, ROHS certificate and more than 22 other certificates. Our product sales markets are domestic and foreign, foreign markets are Western Europe, South America, South Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, East Asia, South Asia, etc. Shunzhan adheres to the business tenet of "Contract-honoring, Honesty, Quality, and Sincere Service", and provides or customizes more practical new-type LED lighting accessories for our customers, in order to master the pulse of the market and achieve a win-win situation.
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The LED light skd of has obtained ISO9001,IP65,IP66,IP68,ROHS,IK09,TUV,BV and different patents.

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