Application Advantages Of Led Tunnel Lamp In Tunnel Lighting
Jul 22 , 2020
Application Advantages Of Led Tunnel Lamp In Tunnel Lighting

The advantages of LED tunnel lamp and traditional tunnel lamp are listed as follows, so that the engineers can have a clearer understanding of LED tunnel light.

1. High efficiency and energy saving:

LED tunnel lamp itself has high luminous efficiency. The overall lighting efficiency of conventional LED tunnel lamp in the market can reach 100lm / W, and LED tunnel lamp of Shunzhan mould&lighting company is up to 150lm / W. Although the light efficiency of sodium lamp is also high, its luminous intensity is 360 degrees. Due to the limitation of light distribution efficiency, the whole lighting efficiency is not high and the color rendering index is low. Therefore, 100W LED tunnel lamp can replace 250W traditional sodium light source tunnel lamp, and the energy saving rate is more than 60%.

2. Long service life:

The service life of LED tunnel lamp is generally as long as 50000 hours, which is more than 10 times of the traditional sodium lamp. Therefore, the use of LED tunnel lamp can save a lot of sodium lamp light source procurement cost, and can save the labor cost of lamp replacement a lot.

3. Reduce the construction cost of distribution system

As the power demand of LED tunnel lamp is far lower than that of traditional sodium lamp, the configuration specification requirements of distribution system (cable, transformer, distribution box, bridge, etc.) are reduced accordingly. For long tunnels and long-distance power supply, cables and power distribution facilities account for a large proportion of the cost. The use of LED tunnel lights can greatly reduce the investment of cables and distribution equipment due to power saving.

4. LED tunnel lamp has strong control ability

Compared with traditional sodium lamp, LED tunnel lamp is easy to be controlled by intelligent system. It can adjust illuminance remotely or control production by time according to the traffic flow of road, so it can save more energy cost.

5. Green environmental protection:

High pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp and electrode-less lamp contain mercury, lead and other chemical pollutants, while LED tunnel light source does not contain chemical pollutants, which is a green light source.

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