Thoughts on the effect of online Canton Fair in 2020
Apr 20 , 2020

Recently, we paid attention to the fact that the e-commerce platform of the Canton Fair is in a state of being unable to be opened. I wonder if it is undergoing an urgent revision?

( can not open)

Scanning with the tool, you can see that the relevant organizations have not spent a lot of energy on this e-commerce platform

( seo data analysis)

It is estimated that the scope of the changes will be very large. I hope the new version will be refreshing.

Online Canton Fair can directly break through the limitation of time and space, especially the 10 * 24-hour mode, which provides a lot of convenience for foreign businessmen. Of course, the requirement for the enterprise is to arrange the staff according to the time of the customers. These 10 days are a tough battle, whether it's mental or physical.

(the 2020 Canton Fair)

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