Characteristics, Advantages And Modular Development Of Tunnel Lamp(1)
May 07 , 2020

Today, FSSZ small braid makes you to understand the characteristics, advantages and modular development trend of tunnel lamp.

Led tunnel light housing are special lighting props for tunnel lighting, which can solve the "black hole effect" or "white hole effect" caused by the sudden change of brightness when vehicles enter or leave the tunnel. It has strong resistance to strong impact and impact, and various short-distance high-strength and high-frequency vibration can not affect the lamps, and can work stably in the workshop, sub-grade, track and other high-frequency vibration and humid and high-temperature environment for a long time.

Characteristics of tunnel lights

1.High light efficiency, long life; power factor greater than 0.9, energy saving and environmental protection.

2.It adopts high-strength alloy material, with strong anti-collision and impact capacity, multichannel shockproof structure and surface spray treatment, which can work stably in workshop, sub-grade, rail and other high-frequency vibration, humid and high-temperature environment for a long time.

3.Various installation methods, such as seat type or wall hanging type and ceiling type, make the operation more simple, adapt to the needs of different work site lighting. The design of lamps and electrical boxes is integrated, with strong overall reliability, low failure rate, and more safe and convenient use and maintenance.

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