Characteristics, Advantages And Modular Development Of Tunnel Lamp(2)
May 08 , 2020

Advantages of led tunnel light housing

1.The appearance is light and thin. High power LED tunnel lamp can effectively reduce the wind resistance and weight, reduce the load of lamp pole and enhance the safety factor;

Led Tunnel Lamp

2.Intelligent monitoring, accurate and constant current. Each high-power LED tunnel light module implements intelligent monitoring. No matter how the power grid fluctuates, it can accurately maintain the current to ensure that the LED works under the safe current.

3.No bad glare. To eliminate the glare, visual fatigue and line of sight interference caused by the bad glare of ordinary high-power LED tunnel lights, improve the safety of driving, reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, and fully reflect the spirit of "science and technology based on people".

4.There is no light pollution. The light distribution is specially designed for road lighting. In addition to illuminating the road itself, there is no light pollution to the surrounding environment.

5.No high pressure, no dust absorption.

Throughout the LED lighting market, the technology maturity is more and more high, and the high-power LED lighting modules used in street lighting, commercial lighting, public lighting and other fields are also becoming hot.

At present, in the field of high-power LED lighting module products, due to different LED lighting efficiency technologies, only 15-25% of the input electric energy will be converted into light energy, and the rest 75-85% will be converted into heat energy, with low conversion efficiency.

At the same time, by simply replacing different secondary distribution lenses, we can assemble street lamp module, high bay light module, tunnel lamp module, high pole lamp module and other module products suitable for different application scenarios, which can save costs and be convenient and practical.

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