FSSZ Product Making Process
Mar 15 , 2020

The LED light housing seem to be simple, but actually it needs a complex process to make it. Firstly, we need a senior engineer to design the fashion and precision structure, and with the drawing, we need to develop the mould. Secondly, we need die cast. How to die cast a good product? It requests the experienced workers, super material, and suitable die cast machine.

And after it, burring, machining, drilling and powder coating. The last but not least, it is assembled. Most of the manufacturer will ignore this point, but we always request to do that. Because all the holes will be inspect and insure all are right, which it can avoid to stop and drill the holes again when our customers are making the finished lights. Not only one kind of series will do like this way, but all, like Led street lamp housing, led high bay light housing and led flood lamp housing.

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