General Projection Lamp Shell Manufacturers Analyze The Reasons Why The Lamp Does Not Light Up?
Aug 14 , 2020

According to the floodlight housing manufacturer's analysis, the reasons for lighting out are as follows:

1. Power failure, no power. Lamp failure is basically the power supply, the driver provides constant current working voltage for the light source, and many projection lamps are broken in the driver. Another reason is that the power supply is good at the beginning. But the projection lamp can be on for a while, and then it starts to flash. This is mainly because the heat of the lamp bead can not be emitted, which causes it to flash all the time. Another reason is that the temperature difference between winter and summer varies greatly in some areas, which leads to the power supply operating temperature too high or too cold, which can not operate stably.

flood light housing

2. If the light source is broken, the lamp will not be on.If the flood light housing is integrated with COB light source. If the current of the power supply is too high, the lamp bead will be open or necrotic. In addition, the waterproof of the projection lamp is not well done, the water in the lamp causes the lamp bead to burn off, the chip life is not long, and the quality is not good.

3. Wire solder joint false welding, resulting in no power. The lamp bead integrated in the projection lamp is connected to two wires, no matter whether the lamp bead has false soldering, false welding, cold welding, whether the connection point of the power input line is loose or the circuit is disconnected. Check whether the connecting wire of the driver is damaged.

Finally, LED projection lamps are high-power LED products. Good quality manufacturers go through rigorous aging tests before they leave the factory to ensure that they are good products in the hands of consumers. No electronics manufacturer can guarantee 100% failure. In case of any problem, contact the manufacturer for after-sales service.

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