Global New Coronary Pneumonia
Apr 09 , 2020

As the new coronavirus continues to spread around the world, it has now infected more than 1.5 million people, causing huge economic losses to the world. The epidemic situation in some countries rebounded. For example, the number of newly confirmed cases in Italy on the 8th was the largest increase in the past three days; and other newly confirmed cases and deaths both rebounded. In the face of the epidemic, countries have further strengthened prevention and control measures, such as the EU coordinated medical team members supporting Italy to fight against the epidemic; the Turkish government has promised to build two square cabin hospitals 45 times; the Iranian government has allocated funds to rescue companies and people affected by the epidemic.

At this time, we should avoid going to places crowded with people, wear masks when going out, and pay attention to protective measures even at home, wash hands frequently, pay attention to indoor ventilation, keep the room clean, and change clothes frequently.

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