Have You Ever Thought About Why The Street Lights Break Down?
Apr 09 , 2020
Have you ever thought about why the street lights break down?

LED street light housing

When maintaining street lights, we found one or two sets of LED street lights on the side of the road will not be on. There is a fault or damage in the LED street lamp holder, so why does the street lamp fail. Below are the reasons will be.

1、The quality of LED chip is poor. Now the quality of LED chips is emerging in endlessly in the market. Some LED chips have poor quality and short service life. They will be damaged in a short time and will not be bright naturally.

2、Poor heat dissipation. The heat dissipation performance of LED street light housing is not good, and the internal heat of LED street lamp shell is too high, which is easy to lead to the damage of LED chip and the phenomenon of no light.

LED street lamp shell

3、Power drive issues. Because LED street lights need to be driven by the power supply to turn the high voltage of the mains power into the low voltage to work, and this link has a great test on the performance of the power supply, and the damage of the power drive device will also cause other LED street light components not to work normally.

The above are several frequent failures. Of course, there are other factors that cause the LED street lamp suddenly not to light up. For specific analysis, if you want the LED street lamp to have a long service life, you should try to choose a good quality street lamp manufacturer when you purchase it, and pay attention to regular maintenance at ordinary times, so as to ensure the stability of the LED street lamp. The general street lamp has always guaranteed the quality, and the perfect after-sales service will also ensure the service.
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