How Is The Led Underwater Lamp Housing Made?
May 20 , 2020

Led underwater light, as the name implies, is the light under the water. Simple speaking, is the LED light installed under the water. The appearance of LED underwater light is small and delicate, beautiful and generous. Its appearance is similar to some buried lights, but there are more installation chassis. The chassis is fixed by screws. Led underwater light is generally led light source, with the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small size, etc. When the LED underwater lamp is powered on, it can emit a variety of colors, gorgeous and colorful. It is generally installed in the park or fountain pool, with a strong ornamental, and is an indispensable lamp for urban lighting engineering.

Since the LED underwater lamp is installed under the water, there are relatively high requirements for waterproof nature, and the requirements for the shell are relatively high, so what materials are the LED underwater lamp shell made of?

The shell material of LED underwater lamp is mainly composed of stainless steel,like stainless steel is divided into 202, 304, 316, etc., and different brands of stainless steel are used in different occasions. The stainless steel body of LED underwater lamp is mainly precision casting (generally the lamp is thin, light, fast production cycle, low cost), silica sol dewaxing (generally the lamp is heavy, thick, slow production cycle, relatively high cost). A few high-end lamps are made of all copper. Of course, a few low-end lamps are made of zinc alloy, resin filled with glue, toughened glass, etc. Stainless steel has good rust prevention and resin has water-proof performance.

Led underwater light shell is used under the water bottom and needs to bear certain pressure, so the mask adopts 8-10 mm toughened glass, high-quality waterproof joint, silica gel rubber sealing ring, arc multi angle refraction strengthened glass, water-proof, dust-proof, leakage proof and corrosion-resistant. The LED underwater lamp shell of Shunzhan mould has good waterproof design, simple maintenance, convenient installation, and the highest level of protection IP68.

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