How To Choose A Suitable Solar Street Lamp
Apr 17 , 2020

The power of the solar street lamp depends on the width of the road and the surrounding environment, the height depends on the width of the road, and the spacing depends on the power of the light source and the secondary light distribution of the lamp. With the increasing shortage of traditional energy, the application of solar energy will be more and more extensive, especially in the field of solar power generation industry has developed in a few years.

solar street lamp

1. At present, one of the most important links restricting the application of solar power generation is the price. Take a two-way solar street lamp as an example. If the two-way street lamp is 6, the effective illumination in the downstream area is 4.5h/day, the discharging time is 7 hours per night, and 20% of the reserved amount of the battery plate is increased), the battery plate needs about 160W, USD710.00 according to the cost of the battery plate, plus the battery group cost of about 180Ah is about USD265.00 , the large one-time input cost of the whole street lamp causes the main bottleneck in the application field of solar street lamp.

2. The service life of the battery should also be considered in the application of the whole street lamp system. The general battery is guaranteed for three or five years, and the charging will be dissatisfied half a year later. Some of the actual charging rates may fall to about 50%, which will affect the night in continuous rainy days to choose a better battery is particularly important.

3. Some engineering companies often choose LED lamps as the lighting of solar street lamps, but the quality level of LED lamps is uneven, and half 50% of the illumination of LED lamps with serious light decay. Therefore, the best choice is LVD electrode-less lamp with long light life, high light efficiency and slow light decay, or low-pressure sodium lamp.

Solar Flood LIght

4. The choice of the controller is often ignored by the engineering company. The quality level of the controller is uneven, and the market price of the 12V / 10A controller is unequal. Although it is the smallest part of the whole street lamp system, it is a very important link. The damage of the controller directly affects the life of the solar components and the purchase cost of the whole system. Firstly, the controller with lower power consumption should be selected, and the controller should work continuously for 24 hours. If it consumes part of its power, the controller with power consumption less than 1 Ma should be selected. Secondly, to choose the controller with high charging efficiency, MCT charging mode can track the maximum current of the battery board, especially in winter or in the period of insufficient light, MCT charging mode is about 20% higher than other charging modes. Thirdly, the controller with power regulation has been widely used to regulate the power of LVD lamps. When there are few pedestrians at night, one or two ways of lighting can be closed automatically to regulate the power of LVD lamps. In addition to the above energy-saving functions, we should also pay attention to the protection function of the controller for the battery and other components. The controller like this can protect the battery well and increase the life of the battery. In addition, when setting the under-voltage protection value of the controller, try to set the under-voltage protection value to prevent the battery from over discharging.

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