How To Choose Led Street Lamp Shell ?
Jun 11 , 2020

As the main heat sink of a lamp, the material of the lamp shell has a direct impact on the heat sink function of the lamp. Today, we will talk about how to choose the LED street lamp from the perspective of the lamp shell.

I. material of led street lamp shell

At present, aluminum shell is widely used, which is made of aluminum to increase the speed of heat dissipation. The driver and chip are glued together with the lamp shell by heat-conducting adhesive, and the heat dissipation area is increased according to the power.

LED street lamps

Some cheap LED street lamps use iron case. Most of these lamps are low-power and low wattage. The thin iron case has slow heat conduction speed and is not suitable for heat dissipation. Some of them put aluminum block in the lamp body for the life of the lamp, so as to improve the heat dissipation performance. The heat dissipation effect is average.

At present, many LED street lamps on the network are not more than usd5.00, which are made of plastic shell. This kind of lamps generally do not exceed 10 watts. The driver is integrated in the aluminum substrate, with low brightness, low power consumption, slow heat dissipation, and non isolation drive. It reminds you to purchase carefully.

II. Thickness of lamp shell

Based on the aluminum shell, the higher the power is, the faster the heat dissipation speed is. Of course, the higher the heat conduction speed of the shell of the luminaire is. Compared with the shell of the extrusion 6063 LED street lamp and the shell of the engineering LED street lamp, it is obvious that the engineering fund is more thick. We can see it by hand, and then by knocking, the shell sound is more thick. This is also our technique to choose the  luminaire.

For the shell of LED street lamp, of course, it also includes other LED lamps. The shell is a very important part. No matter how good the driver and chip are, the shell has poor heat dissipation speed. The life of the whole lamp is short and the light is declining. How to choose the LED street lamp and how to look at the shell, are you clear about it?

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