How To Choose Professional Stadium Lights?
Jul 22 , 2020

How to choose professional stadium lights?

Nowadays, when many gymnasium owners or engineering companies choose stadium lighting, they often just look at whether the price is cheap and whether the appearance is beautiful, but they don't consider the product features carefully, then buy and install them. However, in the process of using, there are many problems, which cause great trouble to the sports venues. For example, the quality problems of lamps caused by glare, overflow light, light failure and lamp heating occur from time to time, which affect the normal level of athletes and sports experience  seriously. We should know how important it is for a professional competition to choose the stadium lighting.

stadium lighting

How to choose professional stadium lights?

1. The first is to prevent dazzle, which is still one of the main problems perplexing the gymnasium, such as glare, dazzling, stroboscopic, dim, etc., which will affect the level of sports lovers and sports experience.

2. Lighting with long service life, small light attenuation, low maintenance rate and replacement rate can reduce frequent replacement and operating cost.

3. With security guarantee and after-sales service, when the light fails, it can be returned for free repair or replacement, instead of needing to buy again or pay for maintenance, so as to save more costs.

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