How To Choose Solar Street Lamp Wholesale?
Jul 16 , 2020

How to choose solar street lamp wholesale?

Now many people like to buy brand products, mainly because the brand products have perfect after-sales service and excellent quality. Although the price is high, it still can not stop the high sales of brand products. In today's chaotic solar street lamp wholesale market, with a variety of different products, we need to distinguish between right and wrong. Many people want to know which brand of solar street lamp is good, but through Internet search, it seems that this question can not get a real and reliable answer. Next, the FSSZ editor will have a brief discussion on this issue.

1. Good quality, long service life

We need to choose the LED solar street lights produced by conventional solar street lamp manufacturers. There are many irregular solar street lamp wholesale companies in the market. We suggests that you should pay special attentions to the purchase, and do not choose those manufacturers with poor quality and quality.

LED solar street lights

2. The lighting effect is good

The lighting effect is mainly related to the power of LED lamp holder used by solar street lamp. The higher the power of LED street lamp is, the higher the configuration of street lamp is, and the higher the configuration is, the higher the price of street lamp is. Therefore, when purchasing,do not to choose low configuration and low price products, should accept the reasonable scheme recommended by regular street lamp manufacturers for customers.

In addition, we also reminds you that in the current market, there are a lot of irregular solar street lamp wholesale manufacturers, the product system voltage is mostly 3, 2V or 3, 7V, if it is this specification of street lamp, it is recommended that you do not choose, because the lighting effect is very poor. Therefore, the editor suggests that if you have enough budget, you should choose the street lamp between 12V or 24V system voltage.

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