How to clean and maintain the solar street lamp after installation?
Sep 11 , 2020

After the solar street lamp is installed on the ground, people still need to carry out the secondary reinforcement treatment. The street lamp is made of the very solid refined steel. After considering the line problem, if the user wants to ensure that the solar street lamp line will not be damaged due to long-term use, then the floor cage used to fix the street lamp must be treated strictly. As a kind of lighting facilities that can absorb solar radiation independently, in cloudy and dry seasons, it can't rely on the absorption of radiation to satisfy the lighting demand. Therefore, the demand for battery of solar street lamp also comes. Although solar street lights have always been carried out, the cleaning problem can not be ignored. After a solar irradiation, the street lamp can face five consecutive days of cloudy days without contact, because the solar street lamp is different from the traditional street lamp, so its cleaning process is more cumbersome. Once you don't pay attention, it is still easy to cause damage. Of course, the selection of quality assurance manufacturers is particularly important.

LED solar street lights

When street lamp is cleaned, the following work should be done.Firstly, check whether the battery board is damaged, find it in time and replace it in time.Secondly,check whether the connecting wire and ground wire of the battery board are in good contact and fall off.Thirdly,check whether there are covers near and on the surface of the battery board. Solar street lamp is through the solar panel to absorb sunlight into electricity, stored in the battery, at night, the battery to discharge the lamp head, so that the solar street lamp up. The photo-voltaic cells of solar street lamps generally face to south, so that photo-voltaic modules can absorb more and more average light radiation. But don't worry too much, because the general manufacturers will design the best tilt angle for the solar panels according to the local sunshine conditions.

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