How to reduce the light attenuation of LED floodlights
Oct 30 , 2020

LED lamps and lanterns products after a period of use, brightness will be reduced, and the reduced part is led light attenuation. Any LED lighting products will produce light attenuation, including LED floodlights. Led floodlight fading is that the signal of light in transmission is weakened. At present, led floodlight manufacturers make different degrees of light attenuation. High power LED floodlights also have light attenuation. Temperature and light attenuation are directly related to LED floodlight chip quality, phosphor and packaging technology.

There are many reasons leading to LED floodlight fading, such as the thermal resistance of LED chip, the influence of silver glue, the heat dissipation effect of substrate, colloid and gold wire. Too high temperature will reduce the service life of electronic products. Some manufacturers of LED floodlights pay attention to the problem of heat dissipation in low-cost products. Under long-term use of these led floodlights, the degree of light attenuation will be much higher than that of LED lamps with good heat dissipation.

The way to reduce the LED floodlight fading is to ensure the quality of lamp accessories and the heat dissipation of floodlight head. The blade type LED floodlight body independently developed by shunzhan company solves the heat dissipation requirements of LED floodlights. It adopts bionic design, upper and lower blade shaped heat dissipation structure, and adds breathing apparatus, which is conducive to heat conduction, ensures that the temperature of the inner cavity of the lamp bead surface is stable and controllable, and the service life of the lamp is naturally longer.

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