How To Solve The Heat Dissipation Problem Of Led Mining Lamp?
Jul 03 , 2020

Nowadays,LED high bay light spend a lot of cost on heat dissipation, but the effect is not good. Moreover, it is large in size, heavy in weight and ugly in appearance. If some heat can be transferred to the lampshade, it will not only reduce the cost and weight, but also improve the heat dissipation effect of led industrial and mining lamps.

LED High Bay Lights

In order to make good use of lampshade to heat dissipation, we must solve the problem from LED chip to lampshade. The interface of heat transfer must be less and the thermal resistance must be small. In the future, the LED High Bay Light Housing can be in the form of aluminum substrate cob, and using aluminum substrate as the lamp cover of led industrial and mining lamp is the least heat transfer interface. Moreover, if the isolated driver is adopted, the safety regulations are easy to pass, because even if the current breaks through the package adhesive, the safety current is less than 36V.

It can be imagined that if such a shade cob packaged LED lamp will be welcomed by the downstream LED industrial and mining lamp manufacturers, and ultimately achieve good and cheap products, it will be pursued by the market.

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