Is there a relationship between LED garden lamp life and switching times
Sep 26 , 2020

In daily life, it is easy to burn the lamp if the lamp is frequently used. Is there any relationships between the life of LED garden lamp and the number of switching times?

In fact, led garden lamp life and switching times is not too big relationship, can switch on and off frequently.

Led garden lamp life has nothing to do with the number of switching, mainly related to temperature, led afraid of high temperature, poor heat dissipation, service life will be doubled, in addition, afraid of voltage instability. The life of LED courtyard lamp is decided by LED itself if it is used reasonably.

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LED is a solid-state light source, theoretically, unlimited switch will not affect the life of the bulb. The main factor affecting the performance is the life of the switch. When you do LED dimming, sometimes you will use the high-frequency switch to achieve the function of adjusting brightness. When the frequency reaches 30000 times per second, the bulb can also work normally. And LED are more efficient and last longer at low temperatures. Generally, the LED garden lamp beads of regular manufacturers can reach more than 50000 hours of life.

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