Is Ultraviolet Disinfection Box Really Useful?
Aug 14 , 2020

Do you think your underwear is really clean after it's washed and dried? The answer is "NO"!

According to the research and investigation, 83% of washed underwear still carry about 100000 bacteria because of the following three reasons:

multifunctional UV disinfection box

multifunctional UV disinfection box

First: heat-resistant bacteria can not kill by hot water.

Second: underwear special washing by sterilization cleaning machine is easy to secondary breeding bacteria

Third: sun drying, easy to adhere to bacteria, PM2.5 industrial dust

Therefore, disinfection of underwear before wearing is more important than at any time. Now we Shunzhan lighting company will introduce a  new product to you - multifunctional UV disinfection box.

The multifunctional UV disinfection box has special LED ultraviolet rays, commonly known as "artificial sunlight", 5 minutes of rapid disinfection is equal to 6 hours of sunlight, the sterilization rate can reach 99.99%, safe and reliable, once a day disinfection, can be used for 10 years!

Multifunctional ultraviolet disinfection box, care for health, everyone needs a dedicated underwear disinfection box.

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