Let's talk about what is the LED street light standard
Mar 09 , 2020

Speaking of LED street light standards, it is estimated that most people are not clear, today I will share with you the general standards of LED street lights.

The standard of LED street light is generally:

LED street light

1. The conversion rate of light is 17%, (the amount of solar energy per square is 1000W, and the actual utilization efficiency is 170W).

2. The current market street light lens material is an improved optical material with a transmission rate of 93% and a temperature resistance of -38 to +90 degrees.

3. LED street light lens, mainly used for LED street light lens. The light spot is rectangular. The material is PMMA optical material. The transmittance is 93%. Change, etc.

4. The average illuminance of road illuminance uniformity is 0.48. Spot ratio is 1: 2.

5. Comply with road illumination. (Actual 1/2 center light spot reaches 25LUX, 1/4 center light intensity reaches 15LUX, the lowest light intensity of 16 meters is 4LUX, and the overlap light intensity is about 6LUX.

6. It has a very good application prospect in new urban lighting. Dimming of depth without changing color and other characteristics.

LED street light housing

7. Adapt to humidity: 95%.

8. Quality guarantee: 2 years.

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