New CNC machine came to support more orders
Mar 28 , 2020

Due to the impact of the global COVID-19, all walks of life in China have been affected to varying degrees, and the LED industry is not immune.


LED flood light shell

But we believe that in the second half of this year, both domestic and foreign LED industry will  return to normal. In order to meet the arrival of good prospects and complete the current order, our company added a 500t CNC machine this month, which is mainly used for the processing of aluminum profile products, such as our LED flood light shell,like our TG19-A (photo 1). CNC machine has the function of milling and drilling. It can process different sizes of LED aluminum profile products.

LED aluminum profile


To undertake all kinds of aluminum profile material processing business, to map customized processing, customized products of various specifications. As shown in the figure below(photo 2), a new LED flood light shell accessory can process 10 pieces every 3 minutes and thousands of pieces a day, which greatly saves time and labor costs, and is accurate. Two 500t CNC machines are in process and production every day, which effectively shortens the delivery time and improves the accuracy.


The labor cost is saved, the delivery time is fast, and the scrap rate is low. Next, our company will recalculate the price cost of the product, and there will be the latest preferential price to the market in the next month. Please look forward to and pay attentions to it.

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