Reflections on Earth Day: Can the epidemic teach us to treat nature well
Apr 24 , 2020

April 22nd is the 51st Earth Day. The theme of this year's publicity is "Treasure the Earth, Harmonious Coexistence of Man and Nature".


Recently, the global media have reported a phenomenon: affected by the spread of the global epidemic, people s outings have generally decreased. Unexpectedly, wild animals have more living space, and the natural environment also welcomes opportunities for self-repair.After people were separated at home, the water quality of Venice, Italy began to become clear, and dolphins appeared in the offshore; some netizens found penguins shopping in the streets of Cape Town, South Africa; in India, the city s air quality has improved significantly;in China, there are frequent sights of porpoises playing in the waters of Poyang Lake and parts of the Yangtze River ...When the epidemic presses the pause button for human activities, nature starts the repair mode. People see this scene with emotion: "This kind of man and nature are really good."


Caring for the earth, while accepting the gifts of nature, also gives nature a breathing time. The changes in the ecological environment in the epidemic have inspired humans;respecting nature and protecting homes, humans should also learn to restrain themselves. The epidemic will eventually pass, but cherishing the earth and protecting nature should be the eternal progress of mankind.


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