Shunzhan lighting promotion, I choose these products!
Sep 07 , 2020

From September to October, shunzhan Lighting Co., Ltd. launched LED lighting products with a 10% discount. Which products have the highest cost performance?

1. LED street lamp shell

As an editor of Shunzhan, I especially recommend LED street light shell - LF18 street lamp series.

LF18 street lamp series has the following characteristics:

a. The surface treatment adopts special outdoor powder spraying technology, which has strong corrosion resistance and UV resistance. The warranty is up to 5 years.

b. The driver box space is sufficient, which can adapt to different brands of power supply at the same time.

c. The mounting position of the photosensitive controller has been reserved in the shell (opening holes as required), so as to enhance product development.

d. The safety rope installation mechanism has been reserved in the shell ( as required), which greatly improves the safety performance of the whole lamp.

I choose these products

2. Led high bay lamp shell

Our Shunzhan lighting company's led high bay lamp products have many application scenarios, such as shops, factories, workshops, basketball courts and so on.

3. LED solar projection lamp

With the in-depth research and development and production of our Shunzhan company, solar projection lamp products are gradually put into overseas market sales.

So, we all have a certain understanding of Shunzhan lamps products? Next, we will choose LED street light shell, led high bay lamp shell or LED solar projection lamp products according to your needs.

Finally, if you have any questions about shunzhan lighting company, you can contact us at any time.

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