Solar Energy Plays An Important Role In Dealing With Climate Change.
Aug 27 , 2020

Although global electricity supply has been growing, 940 million people still have no access to the Internet. Solar technology can help more people get access to cheap and environmentally friendly energy, thereby reducing poverty and improving the quality of life.

Long ago, Sherry of shunzhan lighting company noticed that innovative new methods were needed to increase power consumption and reduce energy consumption, and was leading the development of solar lamps.

In 2019, shunzhan Lighting Co., Ltd. launched FSSZ-YS-100, a new type of solar street light specially designed and manufactured for areas with insufficient power supply.

FSSZ-YS-100 solar street light

Introducing FSSZ-YS-100 solar street light into poor areas can help change the lives of people in these communities. It extends their time in business, education and community life.

It also helps local residents feel safer and more connected.

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