Technical Problems Of Solar Street Lamp
Jun 11 , 2020
 The use of solar street lamp is more and more common, but in the actual research and application, all the defects and technical deficiencies of solar street lamp are unavoidable, and also difficult to overcome.
The main selling point of solar street lamp is energy conservation and environmental protection, and there is not too much waste of resources in itself. However, from the perspective of technology, the collection and storage of energy must be based on the most ideal climate conditions, which is not only the inevitable high cost of the system, but also different from the theme of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the system itself.

In addition, some seemingly simple problems in technology need to be solved with high cost investment in practical application, including:

solar street lamp

First, the problem of centralized management, if not using the electrical circuit. It is difficult to realize the centralized management and remote monitoring which are more important for the solar street lamp,But if the electrical circuit is reconfigured, it will not only increase the cost, but also weaken the significance of the product in the "selling point";

Second, the life of solar street lamp battery, battery and other control components are often lower than the life of LED, which brings many problems to be solved in order to realize the long life of the whole system, and also high maintenance cost;

Third, because the system uses DC battery, it is very easy to be stolen, so anti-theft is also a major problem of the system. In addition, the weight of solar cells with high installation height will increase the wind resistance of lamp pole design and the cost. These problems cannot be fundamentally solved by solar LED lighting system.
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