The Advantages Of Heat Dissipation Of Die-casting Aluminum For Street Lights
Apr 17 , 2020

The advantages of heat dissipation of die-casting aluminum for street lights.

street light die-casting aluminum

The castings of the street light die-casting aluminum radiators have high dimensional accuracy, good surface finish, high strength, high hardness, stable dimensions, good interchangeability, good product quality, high machine productivity, long service life, and easy industrial mechanization and automation.

Generally, no mechanical processing is required, and even if required, the processing amount is very small. For some complex castings, it can also be die-casting. It can be seen that the use of die-cast aluminum radiators can significantly improve the metal utilization rate, greatly reducing the workload and working hours of processing equipment. At the same time, the castings used are not expensive, bringing economic benefits to the enterprise and saving costs.

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