The Internal Training Session Of FSSZ
Apr 03 , 2020

The off season of LED lamp shell is usually in the first half year for last years. And it will be more difficult of 2020 because of the corona virus.

In the face of this irresistible situation, foreign trade export enterprises are helpless. Now we are trying to find the order, but also use the time of this order vacancy to add value to ourselves. The company has arranged a series of internal training for us, including: Photo-shop, LED lamp  knowledge and CAD drawing.

The internal training session of FSSZ

The internal training session of FSSZ

Especially CAD, as a business personnel, should pay more attention to learning, because our company provides OEM & ODM LED lamp shell services for LED products, and in this regard, we often need to use drawings to communicate and confirm with customers. If we learn to draw with CAD, we can solve some simple drawing problems by ourselves, which makes our company more professional and greatly increases the efficiency of communication.

In the next two months, we will add the above courses. I hope that after the outbreak, we can face our customers with a fuller attitude and serve them better.

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