The Led Flood Light Must Have Good Waterproof Performance Outdoors
Jun 19 , 2020

The power of the LED flood light lies in the light box, and the outside is a layer of tempering glass. There is a rubber sealing ring between the lamp body and the glass, with a cavity inside and air outside. Generally, the water inlet and sealing rubber ring are relatively easy to penetrate into the water. The dust proof and water-proof grade IP66 indicates that it has good water-proof performance and will not leak under normal conditions.

LED flood light body

When the flood lights start to work, they get hot and the air expands. At this time, it exerts pressure on the LED flood light body and air leaks. If it passes through some weak positions or cracks in the flood lamp body, air will enter and water vapor will enter. Then it will work again and again, and the water in the lamp will be stored more and more. Therefore, the LED floodlight can not prevent water mist.

The light output of the high-power LED of the flood lamp manufacturer is limited, and most of the remaining energy is converted into heat. If the heat energy can not be effectively transferred, it will affect the life of the lamp directly. Therefore, heat dissipation is very important. When purchasing, please be sure to select the radiator lamp cover. If the sealing is good, it is not easy to fall into the water, which means that as long as the bulb shell is good and the sealing strip must reach IP65 or higher level, the waterproof performance will be good. The floodlight must have good waterproof performance outdoors.

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