Three Factors Affecting The Sales Of Led Lighting
Jul 08 , 2020

Three factors affecting the sales of LED lighting

The most important thing for a house or a courtyard landscape is decoration. How to create a warm and comfortable environment is very important. Lighting lamp is one of the indispensable decorations. With the improvement of living standards and the maturity of consumption consciousness, consumers' requirements for lamps and lanterns no longer only stay at the level of lighting, but also desire more decoration factors.

The most popular brand information channel -- Network

With the rapid development of network media Numerous factors show that the network is not only becoming the media that affects people's lifestyle, but also changes the marketing behavior of the whole manufacturing industry, such as promotion and sales. 52% of consumers said that the brand information of lamps and lanterns obtained through the Internet is enough to explain the problem. The rapid growth of online shopping also provides a new possibility for the sales channels of the whole industry.

The most popular purchase time -- holiday sales promotion

In our life, holidays seem to imply the overwhelming promotional activities of major businesses, so that consumers have formed the habit of waiting for holidays to buy big piles. The same is true for lamps and lanterns: 52% of consumers choose to buy Lamps and lanterns during holiday sales promotion. Every holiday node, the promotion activities of lamp merchants will not be inferior to any other products. Industry insiders often alert: promotion can not evolve into price war. This also deserves the attention of the whole industry.

The most influential factor of purchasing behavior -- price

The LED lighting lamp price has become the most important factor for 57% of consumers to decide their purchase behavior. In economic theory, price, as the only factor to adjust the balance of supply and demand, is the most important factor in almost any product purchase decision. In addition, 31% of consumers still choose brand as the primary factor to decide their purchase behavior. In recent years, with the continuous efforts of leading enterprises in the industry, the trend of the transition from industrial brand to popular brand is more and more clear. We should know that although consumers have rational price demands, they also have irrational emotional demands. So Miss Sherry, marketing manager of Shunzhan mould & lighting, said: brand is the combination of rational value and perceptual value.

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