What are the materials of the LED light housing? Which one is better?
Mar 07 , 2020

Aluminum alloy: Aluminum alloy is the most commonly used material in the manufacture of lamps and lanterns. It is often heard that the lamp needs to be opened for mold making. After opening, the aluminum alloy is pressed.

China Empty Housing High Bay Light

Zinc alloy: However, the cost of aluminum alloy is relatively high. There are some lamp structures that do not have high material requirements, which can be replaced by zinc alloy. Its quality is slightly heavier, but the cost is relatively cheaper.

Steel plates: steel is also a very common material in lamps and lanterns. It has a wide range of applications and is much cheaper than aluminum.

There are also Plastic: Plastic is just a collective term. It includes many types, such as PC, PMMA, etc., which are usually common. It is a type of high molecular polymer.

Empty Led Tunnel Light Fixture

Foshan Nanhai Shunzhan Mould Lighting Metal Products Co., Ltd. uses high-quality extruded 6063 aluminum, which has good heat dissipation and strong corrosion resistance. The LED light housings lifetime above 5 years.

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