What Are The Precautions For Installation Of Led Buried Lamp? (2)
May 28 , 2020

In the last article, we mentioned the precautions before the installation of Led buried lamp. Today we will continue to tell you the following steps:

Step 3: Before the installation of LED underground lamp, dig a hole according to the shape and size of the embedded parts, and then fix the embedded parts with concrete. The embedded parts play the role of isolating the main body and soil of LED ground lamp, and can guarantee the service life of LED ground lamp.

 Led buried lamp

Step 4: Before the installation of the LED underground lamp, a wiring device of IP67 or IP68 shall be provided, which is used to connect the external power input and the power line of the lamp body. The key point is that the power line of the LED underground lamp requires the use of VDE certified waterproof power line to ensure the service life of the LED underground lamp. After all, we all hope that the longer the service life of the customer's lamps, the better.


The above is the whole content of "precautions before installation of LED underground lamp". After all, the wood cutting workers should be well prepared in advance. In the next work, you can get twice the result with half the effort! Hope the above content is helpful for customers and friends to install LED underground lamp!

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