What aspects of lamps should be considered most in indoor basketball court lighting?
Sep 11 , 2020

The difference between indoor basketball court and outdoor basketball court is obvious, so the design and installation of indoor basketball court lighting is very different from outdoor basketball court. The most obvious point is that indoor basketball court lighting generally does not use lamp pole as light mounting bracket, but directly hangs lamps at the ceiling of basketball court. Therefore, when we discuss the basic principles of indoor basketball court lighting, we only need to consider the configuration of lamps.

Indoor basketball court is generally used in schools, professional training and competition stadiums and other places. Because of the closed nature and all-weather use, the importance of lighting supporting facilities is determined. Several basic principles for lighting design and installation of indoor basketball court are as follows:

1. The installation method of indoor basketball court lighting lamps is vertical suspension installation, which is different from that of outdoor basketball court lighting lamps on both sides;

2. Indoor basketball court lighting is different from outdoor basketball court in terms of power and quantity. Generally, the power of indoor court lamps is 80-150w. Due to the vertical lighting, the effective illumination area of indoor basketball court lighting lamps is smaller than that of outdoor court, so the number of lamps is significantly more than that of outdoor court.

3. The installation height of lamps in indoor basketball court shall not be less than 7 meters (there shall be no obstacles at 7 meters above the basketball court). As we mentioned above, the height of lamp post of outdoor basketball court shall not be less than 7 meters, which is determined according to this principle. Indoor stadium lighting should follow the principle of symmetry in the arrangement of lamps and lanterns, which should be arranged around the stadium in turn with the center axis of the stadium as the benchmark;

There are a lot of contents about indoor basketball court lighting. This article is just to let you have a preliminary understanding of indoor basketball court lighting, and pay attention to Nanhai Shunzhan Lighting Co., Ltd. about the types of lamps, illuminance of light sources, and scientific spacing of installation It will be updated continuously.

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