What Is The Function Of Led Street Light Head?
Mar 09 , 2020

1. The transparent lampshade is made of imported polycarbonate, with high strength and good light transmission.

2. High-power LED street lights have a long service life, which is 5-10 times that of traditional lamps. The LED light source adopts the most mature white light 1W, and is surface-mounted on a 2m-thick aluminum-based circuit board. The aluminum substrate is mounted on the heat sink surface to ensure that heat is quickly transferred to the heat sink. In addition, the integrated design of the radiator and the light housing fully guarantees the LED heat dissipation requirements and service life.

200w Led Street Light Fixture

3. Modular integrated design, which can be arbitrarily combined into products with different power and brightness requirements. Each module is an independent light source and interchangeable. Local faults will not affect the normal operation of the entire light fixture, which facilitates disassembly and maintenance and saves maintenance cost.

4. Low glare and light pollution: The angle of the LED light source can be designed according to needs, which can greatly reduce glare and light pollution, and can greatly improve the effective utilization of light.

5. The working voltage is low, and its advantages are: The lampshade will not become black due to high-pressure adsorption of dust like ordinary street lights.It is safe and reliable, and the operating temperature is low. LED light source is a cold light source. When the heat dissipation is good, its operating temperature is lower than 600C, which will not cause the lamp shade to age and yellow.

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