What Is The Most Commonly Used Lamp In The Workshop? (1)
May 14 , 2020

Led high bay lamp housing uses LED as light source, and its housing is made of high-density aviation aluminum material, which has excellent anti corrosion, dust proof performance and high quality assurance. The most commonly used lamp in the workshop is led industrial and mining lamp. Led industrial and mining lamp has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. The brightness of 10W led high bay is equivalent to 80W incandescent lamp, which conforms to the modern concept of "green, low-carbon and environmental protection". Led industrial and mining lights are widely used in workshops, factories, workshops, shopping malls, warehouses, highway toll stations, gas stations, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, construction sites and other places requiring lighting. So what about the LED high bay lights used in the workshop?

Led Industrial And Mining Lamp

Generally, there are production equipment and workers in the workshop, the space is relatively closed, and there are some potential safety hazards. Considering the particularity of the place where the high bay lights are used, Shunzhan mould&lighting company used a special explosion-proof structure design when making the led high bay lights, and used toughened glass to make the lampshade of the lights. With the production of the die-casting process, the finished products of led high bay lights have certain explosion-proof performance, so the safety hazard is relatively small.

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