What Is The Most Commonly Used Lamp In The Workshop? (2)
May 15 , 2020

One of the advantages of using led high bay lights in the workshop is energy saving. The production equipment in the workshop operates for a long time, and the power consumption must be very large. Using the LED industrial and mining lights in Shunzhan mould&lighting company can save 2 / 3 of the electricity. According to one year's calculation, it can save a considerable amount of expenses and greatly reduce the cost of workshop operation.

Led Industrial And Mining Lights

Led high bay is not only save electricity, but also have a service life of more than 50000 hours, more than 10 times longer than the traditional light source, almost maintenance free, which not only saves the cost of lamp replacement, but also does not waste labor. Although the price of led high bay lamps is a little higher than that of ordinary lamps, the cost of electricity saved can be replaced.

The green semiconductor electric light source is used in the workshop. The light is soft and the spectrum is pure, which is conducive to the visual protection and health of workers. Led industrial and mining lights have high brightness, low light attenuation and good color rendering, which can illuminate every corner of the workshop and make workers feel more comfortable visually. The 6000K cold light source gives people a cool visual feeling, and the humanized illumination difference design is more helpful for workers to concentrate and improve work efficiency.

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