What Is The Real Meaning Of Outdoor Lighting Engineering?
Jul 08 , 2020

What is the real meaning of outdoor lighting engineering?

Many people's definitions of outdoor lighting engineering are more about beauty and function, but the real meaning of outdoor lighting engineering is "solving problems". Many people think that lighting makes buildings or scenes more beautiful and colorful, and many people think that lighting is the function of "lighting". In fact, each lighting project of SHUNZHAN mould & lighting is to solve the problems of customers: commercial lighting is to solve the lighting problems of commercial space, and landscape lighting is to solve the problems of landscape elements and atmosphere.

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Shunzhan mould & lighting is also clear that "the real meaning of lighting design is to solve the problem", in order to get rid of blindly making flowers and lighting in outdoor lighting engineering works, only pursue the dazzling surface! Even blindly pursue innovative ideas, and the application of cutting-edge technology. When designers really consider solving problems and demands through design, they can design the lighting needed by buildings and the light environment needed by audience groups!

The purpose of outdoor lighting engineering is to solve the problem, and must achieve high efficiency and energy saving. Whether the lighting is efficient or not depends on people's visual perception. Comfortable and glare free visual lighting can create the best visual environment for people and realize the high efficiency and energy saving of lighting.

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