Which Kind Of Heat Dissipation Material Is Good For Led Lamp Heat Dissipation?
Jul 03 , 2020

LED lamps are LED as light source, which will produce huge heat in the process of lighting. Conduction and heat dissipation have become an important problem of LED lamps. So, in the selection process of LED radiator, what material should be selected?

In fact, in the LED field, iron is generally not recommended as a radiator, because the low thermal conductivity of iron, that is, poor thermal conductivity. However, due to the market competition pressure, in order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers will choose iron as the radiator, of course, this is not worth the loss.

Aluminum is recognized as a good heat dissipation material in the production of LED lamps. On the one hand is its good heat dissipation coefficient, on the other hand is its price.


In high-power LED lamps, if the lamps are above 250W, copper radiator will be added or fully used, which is due to faster copper heat dissipation.

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