Why Classroom Lighting Is So Important
Aug 21 , 2020

In recent years, the problem of students' eyesight has been a hot topic in the society. At present, the uneven illumination in the traditional classroom, the dim corner light, the substandard illumination of the desk top and blackboard, and the glare are the main reasons for the decline of students' eyesight.

Led Linear Pendant Light

It is understood that FSSZ’s LED linear pendant light in education, first to solve the biggest problem of ordinary LED lamps glare, to light source installed anti glare device, so that the glare level of educational lighting lamps (UGR) is below 16, and the glare level of relevant education regulations is less than 19, which means that the glare treatment of FSSZ led educational lamps is better than the standards of the education industry.

The color rendering index is a measure of the degree of color reduction of an object in a certain light. Ordinary LED lamps are usually between 70-80, while the color rendering index of FSSZ LED linear pendant light in education is 95, which can truly show the color of objects.

In addition, although ordinary LED lamps can not see stroboscopic, but the data show that the flicker (fluctuation depth) is greater than 20%. Reading in this lighting environment will accelerate visual fatigue. We shunzhan lighting professionals optimize the LED educational lamps, which can achieve a stroboscopic (fluctuation depth) of less than 3.2%. This lighting environment is comfortable and more suitable for students to learn.

To sum up, FSSZ LED linear pendant light, regardless of glare, color rendering index or stroboscopic, are above the industry standards. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time!

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