Will solar street lamps rust
Oct 30 , 2020

In some cases, solar street lamps will rust, and the reason for rust is not the quality problems of solar street lamps. Generally, solar street lamps are chemically treated and have certain antioxidant capacity and corrosion resistance in the atmosphere. For example, if the solar street lamp is installed in the seaside area, it will easily lead to the solar street lamp stained with seawater, and the electrolyte in the seawater will have a certain corrosion effect on the solar street lamp.

After the lamp pole is rolled and shaped, and the gap is straightened by the sewing machine, and during the installation process, due to factors such as improper debugging, poor quality of welding wire, or wrong operation, etc., some areas of the welding seam will appear trachoma. Do not underestimate these dense small pinholes, which can lay a solid foundation for the future lamp pole rust. The interior of street lamp is much larger than the outer hole we can see. This structure directly hinders the full coverage of zinc coating. During the immersion process of hot-dip galvanizing, there will be gas inside the trachoma on the lamp post weld. In fact, all the inside of the trachoma has not been plated. After a long time in the humid air climate, the inside of the trachoma will rust, and then it will spread outward until the paint explodes Yes. This can also lead to solar street lamp rust.

However, in general, solar street light can be guaranteed for 2-3 years. If the lamps cannot be used normally due to rust, they can also feed back to the supplier and ask for after-sales maintenance service.

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